Sunday, 15 July 2018

Sunday 15th July 2018

Hot and sunny.
An enjoyable morning at Fobney Reserve for the annual dragonfly and butterfly walk. Very successful, being sunny there was no shortage of either. Well attended and all appeared new  to the reserve.
                   This afternoon we celebrated Euan's 1st birthday with a bbq party. Good to see at one year old the presents are still all conventional and not electronic.
Due to these two activities I have no Wildlife information to share.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Saturday 14th July 2018

Hot and sunny.
Another day without security lights. I am almost at the point of enjoying this daily failure! With help from my neighbor we have come to the conclusion the lights are faulty. A return trip to B & Q then. This will have to wait until return of our imminent holiday.
Insurance personal driving me mad. Two emails today offering me cash settlements on a list of items that is nowhere near the list I submitted on items stolen. Another battle ahead. The innocent are always the losers in such cases.
Nuff of that now as this is supposed to be a wildlife blog?
             Not a lot going on today actually. Even the trail cameras failed to pick up much. One fox and one hedgehog.
No moths, no dragonflies, no jays, no woodpeckers but what a result tonight. Managed a photograph of a hummingbird hawk moth. Pleased or what.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Friday 13th July 2018

Very warm but a hazey sun today.
Fifth day and still no lights, don't call me sparky for nothing!
Whole afternoon taken up dealing with insurance paperwork. Has become something of a farce now.
There were a few more moths in the trap last night against previous nights. Still get lots of red tailed bees also in the trap.
Two more dragonflies clearly emerged today looking at empty cases. The trail cameras last night showed up the regulars, foxes and hedgehogs.

Thursday 12th July 2018

Very hot and sunny.
Fourth day and still no security lights, just sayin.
            Photographed a comma and a garden meadow butterfly today. Still not the numbers I have seen in other years.
Blackbirds very busy feeding four young, interestingly smashing snails something you would associate with thrushes.
Trail camera showed up a pair of squirrels, pair of jays, pair of hedgehogs, pair of foxes and a thrush. A good assortment of nighttime wildlife.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Wednesday 11th July 2018

Hot and sunny day.
Frustrating day, security lights still not working and the insurance company are testing my patience. Nuff said.
              Good day for wildlife. Highlight of the day was photographing a pine hawker moth. Spotted in the hydrangea shrub close to the fir trees which apparently pine moths love as habitat.
A red admiral flew into the conservatory, first time I had seen this butterfly this year. Small white caterpillars doing a good job devouring the nasturtium leaves.
Another southern hawker dragonfly emerged from the pond today. Thirteen now seen emerged.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Tuesday 10th July 2018

Hot and sunny day.
Hands up, wiring up security lights did not work. Working in the sun didn't help. Waste of a day actually.
I know what the issue is so a visit to B&Q tomorrow is on the agenda.
            Another night of more bees than moths in the moth trap. Loads of small magpie moths about this year.
Managed a photograph of a gatekeeper and small blue butterfly this afternoon. Missed two more dragonflies leaving the pond today. So far 12 casings have been collected from the pond grass this season.
A good group of sparrows on the lawn this afternoon, appear to be more about now, good news.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Monday 9th July 2018

Very hot and sunny.
Day on security matters, lights today. Tomorrow I will be fixing up four which will cover the garden front to back.
            No surprises from the trail cam' last night. Foxes, hedgehogs, thrushes and jays.
Just can't manage a photograph of any of the butterflies flying about. Will not settle. A few moths in the trap and a few about the garden on the fir trunk, mint and hot lips.
Did manage a photograph of a small white which apparently was laying eggs on a nasturtium leaf. Thanks Boyo.