Thursday, 29 December 2016

Wednesday 28th December 2016

A very cold and frosty day, very sunny adding to the wintery conditions.
Started the day with a dawn walk to Fobney Nature Reserve. What an atmospheric morning, stunning. Not the best sunrise I have experienced but still magical.
               After a welcome breakfast it was time to make a start on removing the ivy hedge/fence and my word, it was bl**dy cold. My fingers suffered frost bite for sure. The fence and hedge was also a lot thicker and heavier than I had envisaged, hard work. Managed 50% removal, now how do I dispose of it as to much to recycle at home.
               Finished the day by enjoying a sunset walk at Fobney late this afternoon. Like this morning it was stunning. With two barges fired up for evening warmth, the smell of burning wood just added to the atmosphere.
With a hard frost forecast for the morning again I wonder if I can manage another dawn walk?