Monday, 26 February 2018

Monday 26th February 2018

Very cold and sunny most of the day. Snow shower late this afternoon.
Visit to my computer geek this morning who is working a way forward to my latest camera. Cheers TechniCol, we can do this!?
Checked out four trail cam' SD cards this afternoon. The one healthy fox is still visiting every night. Feeder cam' showed that a starling and male/female blackbird just love currents. A pair of robins were also shown eating together. No sign of the goldcrest however.
The song thrush was in the garden late this afternoon ground feeding on spilt sunflower hearts.
Now some amazing news, had to be seen to be believed. Late this afternoon I noticed the apples for the blackbirds and thrushes had disappeared. Could not believe they had eaten them so quickly. 
Luckily I had more to put out and guess what? A red kite flew down and took an apple, this happened three times. Two trail cameras were set in the area so hoping for some images when checked tomorrow. Will be blurred as the Kite reacted at such speed.
              I was contacted today by a media company who wishes to license my YouTube clips of the foxes. Clearly a way of making money but I am very wary and need to study the t&c very carefully.
As it happens I am meeting someone tomorrow who wants me to write an article who is also clued up in all things media. 
Watch this space.