Friday, 2 March 2018

Friday 2nd March 2018

More snow and very cold.
Good day bird watching. At breakfast time a Fieldfare turned up and not long after a song thrush. My six apples soon disappeared so a quick visit to Morrisons for another three dozen.
Placing out six apples in one go stopped all the fighting, in fact the Fieldfare started attacking the blackbirds.
This afternoon a second Fieldfare arrived but sadly the two just didn't get on so kept their distance. There were moments when they clashed however.
Tufty also joined in eating apples, with foxy also eating apples I will soon run out again?
The pair of squirrels met up this afternoon in the oak tree and enjoyed a few minutes bonking. An interesting Spring ahead I wonder?
The trail camera gave some exciting moments. A pair of foxes were shown eating together and had fun skating across the frozen pond.
Yes, very cold but I enjoy days like today.