Saturday, 17 March 2018

Saturday 17th March 2018

What a contrast to yesterday. Freezing conditions with snow showers on and off all day.
Not a day to be working outside that's for sure.
Caught up with the six trail cam' SD cards. No surprises, just the normal night time activity.
Some bad news to report. A pied wagtail has succumbed to papilloma. That is a chaffinch and pied wagtail now. Both ground feeding birds so next week will clear and re-turf the area around the feeder.
Some good news however, a pair of great spotted woodpeckers mating in the robinia tree. Managed a photograph of sorts as they separated. 
A pair of jays were also active, also good news. A starling was seen prospecting in a nest box, saw this from the monitor.