Thursday, 1 March 2018

Thursday 1st March 2018

Heavy snow overnight with snow/sleet showers during the day. Very cold.
A day garden bird watching, keeping birds supplied with apples and breaking iced up bird baths.
Was rather excited at one point when I thought a fieldfare was in the garden. Was downgraded to a song thrush, thanks Boyo. Still good to see as pretty rare to see a thrush here these days. Back forty years ago I used to watch thrushes break open snails on the path.
So many birds today, watching them was spoilt by the shear numbers of blackbirds fighting amongst themselves and with other birds. Dare any bird try eating apples when blackbirds were about.
This time last year I reported on a lame blackbird, had a loosely hanging leg. Never saw it again during the year until today. Did it migrate I wonder?
The only birds missing today were the woodpecker, jay and wren.