Monday, 30 April 2018

Monday 30th April 2018

Another winters day. Very cold with temperature reaching a high of 7c again. Only good news was the lack of rain. Yellow warning was lifted at lunchtime for the area.
With no rain it allowed me to get the gravel laid and levelled. Looking good. Require a few large rocks now to finish the project.
          Sparrows busy feeding all day, exciting times. Hope they breed and we get the numbers up like we experienced some years ago.
Female pied wagtail still busy feeding young, no sign of the male however. 
A bird I thought was a chiffchaff, that apparently is not appeared today on a few occasions. As yet still not identified. 

Chiffchaff that isn't is a female house sparrow. How good is that.

Image 1 - Female pied wagtail.
     "    2 - Male sparrow.
     "    3 - Female sparrow.
     "    4 - Starling all fluffed up and nowhere to go.
     "    5 - Project pond, gravel now laid.