Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Tuesday 3rd April 2018

Mixed package of weather today. Best described as April showers.
In between showers I worked on Project Decking. 25% of the decking removed exposing an area where the fox cubs lived and all manner of other creatures. Certainly signs of rats at some point. Will keep the decking elevated with perhaps some mammal homes fixed to the underside.
            Was very excited at some poo left out last night. Why excited? It was hedgehog poo. Have a trail cam' set tonight in the area of said poo.
Good to see various insects emerging now, in a sunny period this afternoon bees were busy, not many flowers out at the moment except for alpine flowers. Wall flowers next to show their colours which are bee friendly.

Image 1 - Alpine flower.
     "    2 - Hedgehog poo.
     "    3 - Wood louse.
     "    4 - Slug.
     "    5 - Bumble bee.