Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Tuesday 15th May 2018

Hot day.
Enjoyed a good round of golf this morning at The Links. Just the one stick and ball, no tee! It is a golfing area for complete novices to practice the art or just have fun. When Lorna managed to land the ball in the car park some two miles away I soon realised this was going to be for fun only!
We did take it seriously actually and Lorna did improve!
Stopped at the Farmont golf club for lunch, beautiful outlook with gorse in full bloom against the sea as a backdrop.
Late afternoon I went for another walk along the coast to Crail Harbour. Finished the day nicely.
Tomorrow I understand it is time to head for home.

Images 1 - 6 - Crail Harbour and coast.
     "    7 & 8 - A round of golf at St. Andrews The Links.
     "    9 - 11 - Farmont golf course.