Friday, 22 December 2017

Friday 22nd December 2017

Even milder today, temperature reached 14c this afternoon.
Installed  uplighting to the robinia tree this morning so with this and the uplighting to the silver birch tree, snow machine and bandstand lights the garden certainly now competes with Kew!?
Pretty pleased with the result.
On checking out the trail camera SD cards for the past week nothing unusual occurred just confirming the fox and mouse were out every night.
               Late this afternoon I went into town to photograph the towns Christmas lights. Not much to speak of, same decorations for last five years at least. No winter wonderland this year, no Christmas market just the odd log cabin in Broad Street selling food. Reflections looked good along the Kennet however.

Image 1 - Thanks for that Foxy.
     "    2 - Tufty confused by the tripod structure?
     "    3 - Foxy with an egg.
"  4 & 5 - Look for the eyes.
"   6 - 9 - Reading Town Christmas Lights.
10 & 11 - Garden Christmas Lights.