Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Tuesday 3rd January 2017

A very hard overnight frost with the day mostly sunny and cold. A complete contrast to yesterday.
As with last year I will be spending the winter months compiling another garden wildlife book and another book on the history of 479.
Made a good start today on the history book, picking up from where I started back last March. With all my saved notes I soon got into the swing of things. Already at 70 pages.
                 Came down for breakfast to be faced with a fox staring at me. Sadly by the time I had my camera ready it was only a rear shot that was achieved. The trai camera also picked him out at dawn.
Pied wagtail also appeared again. A regular now for sure so very pleased at this addition to the garden.
I have never seen so many blackbirds as this season, seven counted today all together ground feeding but also fighting big time. One now has a damaged leg after being floored. Not good to see.