Saturday, 28 April 2018

Saturday 28th April 2018

Heavy overnight rain but thankfully stayed dry during the day. Temperature back into single figures.
Scalpings and gravel was delivered early this morning so was able to put in a full days work. 75% of the scalpings are spread, should finish this part of the job tomorrow. Almost gave up as clearly unable to push a barra like what I used to. 
Surprise of the day was a yellow flower emerging from the pond yellow allium lily. First time it has flowered in seven years.
               On my final walk of the night last night I came across two hedgehogs on the decking, luckily I had a torch and camera so was able to capture the moment.

Image 1 - 3 - Hedgehogs on the decking last night.
     "          4 - Scalpings and gravel delivered.
     "          5 - A start on the scalpings - pond project.
     "          6 - Yellow pond lily.